Service Department

ONE DEGREE'S service department is built on four distinct pillars - Employee Expertise, Quality, Value, and Customer Satisfaction.

Strict systems of training are employed by ONE DEGREE. This is where each of our technicians are routinely updated to the newest technologies and upcoming trends in the HVAC industry. Seminars and training sessions are provided to our techs to ensure you are serviced by the most knowledgable HVAC technicians in the industry.

Quality control checks are performed monthly by our service department. Your maintenance records, condition of equipment and planned repairs are reviewed to ensure everything is up to standard.

Each one of our technicians will be chosen to give you the best service depending on the type of request. Our techs have specialized skills to correctly and efficiently address all of your HVAC and mechanical needs. With our vast knowledge of almost every brand and manufacturer, every piece of equipment or problem is serviceable by our technicians.

Accurate and up to date records are used to track service calls and obtain a accurate snap shot of the costs associated with each piece of your equipment. This information is essential to accurate budgets and planned replacement of equipment. We want to provide you the ONE DEGREE difference and take the pressure off you.