Maintenance Department

Planned and properly executed maintenance of building HVAC equipment is critical to overall building and tenant health.

ONE DEGREE’s maintenance programs will increase the life expectancy of your HVAC equipment by incorporating our ONE DEGREE Repair Plan. Our repair plan consists of first assessing the equipment, recognizing the weak points in the equipment, providing costs of the repairs. We will then make a plan within your budget to address each required repair in a timely manner.

ONE DEGREE offers warranty approved planned maintenance for all your HVAC equipment. Brand new equipment is often sold with a warranty but prescribed maintenance is still required to maintain that warranty. Usually regular checkups and maintenance is not included in a warranty or from the installer. Starting out with a maintenance program when the equipment is new will ensure long equipment life and minimal unexpected repairs.

ONE DEGREE maintenance agreements are designed to be an investment built into your annual budget. These agreements are available in varying DEGREES will be custom designed for each property’s requirements.

As Building professionals you have a lot going on every day ONE DEGREE wants to help take the pressure off. We are committed to properly maintaining your HVAC equipment. We will make sure HVAC equipment is tested, aligned, calibrated, lubricated and its performance recorded. This will increase the life of your equipment and reduce downtime or emergencies.