New Construction

ONE DEGREE’s construction division knows the importance of delivering projects on-schedule and within budget.

We do this while providing the highest and most professional level of quality. Aligned with our quality control program in the maintenance division. New construction applies the same strict standards. This program ensures each project is built, designed and implemented with the utmost level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

ONE DEGREE’s safety program is world class. From our field level risk assessments carried out every day on every job, to our safety procedures and training that adapts to every site and job. Construction site safety is bread into all of our employees and is always top of mind.

Retrofit Division

ONE DEGREE's Retrofit division provides an improved system without the major expense of new construction.

Some instances new construction is not required or budget restraints prevent it. These are the conditions from which the Retrofit division was created. Focusing solely on replacement and upgrades ONE DEGREE retrofits provide a cost effective way to incorporate new equipment into an existing building.

The Retrofit division covers tenant improvements, minor and major building upgrades and service related major repairs. Our technicians are highly trained in heavy equipment re-location, hanging and sensitive environment installations. ONE DEGREE will adapt to any of your building and property requirements.