Design Department

ONE DEGREE HVAC takes pride in designing HVAC systems and upgrades specifically catered to you.

ONE DEGREE assigns a design build manager who works closely with the client to develop a system that meets their objectives. Custom HVAC systems and upgrades specifically catered to your  needs, is a point of pride for us.

ONE DEGREE has an in-house AutoCAD design specialist. We can create comprehensive designs for ventilation, hydronics, VRF systems, and much more.

Often a building is designed to be used a certain way. Over time the building use can change from renovations, occupancy,or just from age. The original HVAC system, even though it is operating, my not be adequate for the current needs of the building. With a thorough inspection of the equipment and the building requirements, ONE DEGREE can design, and install the proper HVAC solution.

In some situations only a small addition or modification to the existing system is all that is required to operate at peak efficiency.