HVAC equipment Life cycle analysis

Specialized service from ONE DEGREE that will provide the operator and owner with a detailed report about their HVAC systems life expectancy.

This is important when budgeting capital for your facility or building. Planned replacement is easier when its budgeted and reduces the impact on the occupants. Life cycle analysis will tell you how old the equipment is, current condition and what its expected service life is. When multiple technicians have worked on a piece of equipment it is hard to determine the best course of action.

With a ONE DEGREE Analysis you will have a proper snap shot of the equipment so accurate decisions can be made. With multiple equipment types and applications in each building its proactive to know which each piece should be replaced and when. With an expert plan your HVAC equipment can be replaced before it creates headaches and large service costs. A planned approach will reduce occupant complaints and allow for accurate budgeting for each of your buildings.

HVAC Systems audit

A large property or building has multiple HVAC equipment. To properly maintain and operate this equipment you must know condition and what it purpose.

An ONE DEGREE audit will give you an updated and accurate equipment list and required materials for maintenance. This written audit accompanied with pictures of equipment and repair items is crucial when planning a budget or the future of the property. This report can also be used to pursue further changes or simply update inventory lists.

HVAC systems can be a complicated collection of different types of equipment working together to provide even comfort. All this equipment whether on the roof, in the ceiling or a mechanical room must work together to achieve its design intent. Often times each piece of equipment operates independently without taking in consideration the other types and locations of equipment. With a thorough ONE DEGREE audit of your HVAC system gaps and opportunities with your existing equipment can be identified.